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Get Involved Now!

There is so much you can do for ABU

Your journey doesn’t stop after you exit our gates...

ABU Graduates

If you have ever studied at Ahmadu Bello University and successfully earned a degree, diploma or certificate, then you are a fortunate and special fellow. However, your journey doesn’t stop after you exit our gates at the end of your programme – the university still recognizes and needs your influence; your fellow ABUsites need your inspiration!

Be an Inspiration!

You can give something back and help inspire the next generation of ABU Graduates to also become skilled, professional and enterprising. There are a number of ways you or your employer could get involved in supporting students prepare for the world of work:

Host a student visit

You can host a morning or afternoon visit from students who study on a course relevant to your industry.

Set a live project brief

You could let our students design a logo, decorate your premises or set up and revamp your company website for a token fee to support their studies.

Become a Lecturer for a day

You could visit the University to provide encouragement and support to our students by leading discussions about the realities of working in a real business.

Let our students volunteer

Our students could volunteer their services to your company for minimal fees. They could, for example support or co-manage fundraising events or become a long-term volunteer.

Nurture an intern (SIWES)

The Student Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES) is a fully funded training programme that enable businesses to recruit junior employees into a range of job roles for 3 - 6 months which are linked to the completion of their training.

Offer a bursary

Ahmadu Bello University is committed to increasing the number of local people undertaking and achieving higher level skills. Our bursary scheme gives companies the opportunity to make a difference to the most gifted students, allowing them to study and achieve their dreams, regardless of their financial circumstances.

Sponsor an individual, a department or a facility

Sponsorships can be given either to individuals or to the University. This ranges from donated equipment to development of specialist laboratories, or donating your time to advise students and graduates who are just starting a business in start-up ventures.

So you see, you really can give something back and help inspire the next generation of ABU Graduates through many ways. Please get involved today by sending us an email and the President himself will get in touch to discuss further with you.

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